Angel Investing

Together with Sue Odio, we angel invest small ($2.5k - $5k) checks in early-stage startups we're excited about. Think of us as advisors with skin in the game — we love helping with tricky, ambiguous problems, providing access to our networks and audiences, or even just lending an ear.

Max is one of our highest value-add investors: he constantly gives us good product feedback and knows everything about open source.

On top of that, every time he talks about us to his developer audience our stats go wild.

– Brendan Falk, CEO Fig

If you're founding a startup and think this could be a good fit we'd love to meet you. Send us an email and let's chat!

What we invest in

We invest first-and-foremost in the people. Our main filter is "Do we believe these founders can go through the one-of-a-kind challenge of building a company that can change the world?"

We love investing early to make the most of the limited amount of money we have. The earlier, the better.

I personally love investing in products that I (would) use myself, even more so if they're products aimed at developers.


So far, I have invested in:

  1., a platform for running global apps

  2., a platform for incident management and response

  3. Raycast, an extensible Spotlight for developers

  4. DX, a developer experience platform

  5. Clerk, a frontend-first user management solution

  6. Upstash, a database for the serverless world

  7. Zed, a text editor for the 21st century

  8. Liveblocks, a toolchain to build real-time collaborative products

  9. Arcjet, a developer-first approach to security

  10. Campsite, a home for your design team's work-in-progress

  11. StackShare, a system of record for tech stacks

  12. Remote First Capital, a fund by Andreas Klinger

  13. Magic Bell, an embeddable notification system

  14. DevJobs, a job matching platform for developers

  15. Outsmartly, a CDN for performantly personalizing websites

  16., an AI tool to extract signal from noise

  17. Fig (acq. by AWS), a terminal for the 21st century

  18. Muse (acq. by bootstrapper), a tool for thought for deep work

  19. Abbot (sunset, a copilot for customer success in Slack

  20. Along (sunset), an online video platform focussed on creators

  21. Rome (sunset), a modern JavaScript toolchain