Angel Investing

I irregularly angel invest small checks ($2500-$5000) of my own money in early-stage startups I'm excited about. Think of me as an advisor with skin in the game — I love helping with tricky, ambiguous problems, providing access to my network and audience, or even just lending an ear to founders building exciting new things.

Max is one of our highest value-add investors: he constantly gives us good product feedback and knows everything about open source. On top of that, every time he talks about us to his developer audience our stats go wild.

– Brendan Falk, CEO Fig

If you're founding a startup and think this could be a good fit I'd love to meet you. DM me on Twitter or send me an email and let's chat!

What I invest in

I invest if I think I can provide value to you, whether through advice, audience, network, credibility or anything else. If I can't help you at all, it probably doesn't make sense for you to take my money.

I love investing in products that I (would) use myself, even more so if they're products aimed at developers.

I love investing early to make the most of the limited amount of money I have. The earlier, the better.


So far, I have invested in:

  1. Fly, a platform for running global apps

  2., a platform for incident management and response

  3. Raycast, an extensible Spotlight for developers

  4. Fig, a terminal for the 21st century

  5. DX, a tool to improve engineering organizations

  6. StackShare, a system of record for tech stacks

  7. Muse, a tool for thought for deep work on iPad

  8. Clerk, a frontend-first user management solution

  9. Liveblocks, a toolchain to build real-time collaborative products

  10., a tool to extract insights from internal videos

  11. Campsite, a home for your design team's work-in-progress

  12. Upstash, a database for the serverless world

  13. Zed, a text editor for the 21st century

  14. Rome, a modern JavaScript toolchain

  15. Magic Bell, an embeddable notification system

  16. Abbot, a hosted chat bot making ChatOps easier to adopt

  17. DevJobs, a job matching platform for developers

  18. Outsmartly, a CDN for performantly personalizing websites

  19. Remote First Capital, a fund by Andreas Klinger

  20. Along (rip), an online video platform focussed on creators