Hey, I'm Max! 👋

I'm a JavaScript Engineer from Austria 🇦🇹 in love with React and Node. About 1% of all public, crawlable websites use open source tooling I invented, styled-components.1

Previously, I worked on JavaScript tooling at Gatsby and architected a greenfield React app at GitHub after they acquired my startup Spectrum, the community platform of the future.

I also run three products on the side, Bedrock, Changefeed and Feedback Fish, and angel invest in early-stage startups that I'm passionate about, like Raycast, Upstash, Outsmartly and others.

If I'm not coding or tweeting, I'm likely brewing coffee on my espresso machine (I'm a huge specialty coffee geek), climbing in a bouldering gym or skiing around the alps.

My Open Source Projects

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