Remote Codebase Audits by a React expert

I'm available for hire for remote codebase audits of React applications. I do a deep dive into your production codebase and compile a report full of recommendations designed to speed up day-to-day development for years to come by empowering your team to move faster than ever before!

“Max helped us to clarify the main obstacles in our codebase, gave us a lot of useful advice about testing & development and already saved us a lot of time. I can't recommend him highly enough!”

Martin Machycek, Frontend Lead at Easygo Gaming


Why should you hire me?

I'm an expert and community leader in the React ecosystem and have created some of the most popular React open source packages and repositories, like react-boilerplate, one of the biggest React starter kits with almost 20,000 stars on GitHub, and styled-components, an effort to package some distilled best practices into a reusable styling library with 19,000 stars on GitHub. Development teams at Bloomberg, Reddit, Atlassian, Coinbase, Patreon and hundreds of other companies rely on my work to power their React apps.

Now you can hire me to bring my expertise to your production codebase! Boost your teams day-to-day agility and get your product moving faster than ever before!


How it works

My audits take on a specific form:

1. You give me access to your codebase and I spend a day deeply investigating and auditing it

2. I compile a report full of recommendations tailored to your codebase, team and business goals, designed to speed up day-to-day development for years to come by confining technical debt, implementing specialised tools and much more

3. After your team has digested the report we do an hour long call about the recommendations and to answer any questions they may have

These code audits have a fixed price of 2,000€ (+ 20% VAT), with a 50% downpayment upfront. If you have any questions or want to schedule an audit please reach out!