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How have things at Spectrum changed since the GitHub acquisition?

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What’s the biggest challenge in maintaining OSS while also working full time as a software engineer?


What's your advice to manage time when you have lots of things to work on? It's overwhelming sometimes.


What's the most gnarly (as in how does this not fail!?!) production system you've worked with or seen?


How did you get into open source?


What are you seeing yourself work toward for the next 3 years?


When in the day do you drink coffee and how much? (usually)


Hello, I want to ask what database and GraphQL framework You use at Changefeed. Thank You. :)


On an average day, how many geese do you think you could reasonably carry?


What motivates you? (beyond typical answers, if possible!)


What kind of coffee do you like and what do methods do you use to make it?


Will GitHub merge Spectrum within GitHub to introduce GitHub chat?


How do you find the time to be involved with so many projects and still maintain a healthy life balance (or not)?


What's your favorite smell?


Did you make any progress on modifying your setup with Karabiner and Goku? :)