Remote Codebase Audits

I'm available for hire to do remote codebase audits for React applications. I take a look at your codebase for a day, investigating it deeply, and afterwards give you some tips for the future.

The benefit is twofold: of course an audit will leave you with a better codebase, but the much bigger benefit lies in the improvement of your day-to-day work. Essentially, this is a lesson tailored around your codebase and the way you and/or your team work which will prevent you from mistakes and pitfalls in the future.

"Max helped us to clarify the main obstacles in our codebase, gave us a lot of useful advice about testing & development and already saved us a lot of time. I can't recommend him highly enough!" Martin Machycek, Easygo Gaming

My audits take on a specific form:

  1. I get access to your codebase and spend a day deeply investigating and auditing it
  2. I compile a document with recommendations and suggestions to improve the code and tooling
  3. After you've received and digested the document we have an hour long chat about what I uncovered and to answer any questions you may have

These code audits have a fixed price of 1,499€ (+ 20% VAT), half of which is paid upfront.

If this sounds like something you might want to do or if you have any questions please reach out to me at [email protected]!

Who am I?

In case you're new here, a short introduction to myself:

I'm a speaker, sharing my knowledge on stages in front of thousands of people. I've had the opportunity to talk about React and related topics at more than a dozen conferences all across the world!

I work as an open source developer, maintaining a variety of popular open source projects. I created react-boilerplate, one of the biggest React starter kits with over 10,000 stars on GitHub. It's used by companies big and small all across the world to kickstart their new products.

Most recently I co-created styled-components, a new way to style your React applications, and Carte Blanche, a tool to help you rapidly build and test your React components.

Thanks to Harry Roberts for the inspiration.